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dodging bullets is different from being bulletproof

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

HalfBeard, 05.08.07

This is me today.  Gotta get my drivers liscense renewed soon.  Like to get a sponsor before then.

Turns out that there is a difference between being bulletproof and being able to dodge bullets.  Occassionally a bullet will find you.  You better be able roll with it.  While the day is not over yet I’m thinking I probably won’t double up again today. 

I did however stop playing when I started losing.  That is really key.  Play while you are winning, stop when you are losing. 

I couldn’t even win with pocket Aces today.  Raise and the guy just keeps calling.  There river card looked like a straight had hit so I checked after he checked to me.   There it was he hit his straight on the last card. 

I went in with the best hand and stopped betting when I was beat.  Not much else I can do.

I continue to double my bankroll

Monday, May 7th, 2007

so far so good the bankroll doubles daily.  Soon I may not need a sponsor.  Nah I much prefer to play with someone else’s money.

Play continues.  Nothing special to report.  Just good solid poker.  I try to pick out the weaker players and play them.  I try to stay away from the bigger ones.

doubled my bankroll today

Friday, May 4th, 2007

It’s way far away from 10k but If I can do that every day…  I played pretty well today.  Tight in the side games and left when appropriate.  My bluffs seemed to be working today and I had cards when people called me. 

If only people wouldn’t out draw me.

cashed in a tourney today

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

nothing really remarkable about it.  Just good solid poker.  Avoided putting my chips all in a couple of times and was rewarded when my opponent sucked out on the river.   I do find it annoying that people will look at a big bet from somebody and think golly my two outs might hit. 

But hey that’s poker baby.

I also took my winnings and increased them by 10% at a limit holdem table.

head to head

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

man talk about an insane game.  Gotta go in and be unpredictable.  Play tight, play loose, catch the good cards and slam your opponent.

So this guy is short stack.  He is going all in every hand and I’m folding til I catch something.  He let’s a flop come down and I catch two pair.  I do a little hollywood and bet out small he goes allin again with an open ended straight.  I call and my pairs hold up.

I think to myself “Oh yeah I remember why I play this way.”