For Immediate Release

Schuyler “HalfBeard” Meyers Seeks Sponsor for World Series of Poker tm

When he finds a sponsor Schuyler “HalfBeard” Meyers will stop trying to promote himself and will start talking about his new partner.  HalfBeard says he will remain semi-bearded until the end of the World Series of Poker tm. 

PR Potential

“The  possibilities  for my sponsor are endless,” said Half-Beard. “I will be constantly asked why I am like this, providing excellent word of mouth buzz.  I will keep up my blog at

There is potential for extensive media coverage.  The right company could get a lot of mileage for a  relatively  small investment.

“I am leaving the left side of my face unshaven,” said HalfBeard, “because I am often left at the poker table.”

Time Limit

There is a time limit however.  “By May 11, I need to renew my driver’s license.  If I don’t have a sponsor by then, the beard comes off.

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