dodging bullets is different from being bulletproof

HalfBeard, 05.08.07

This is me today.  Gotta get my drivers liscense renewed soon.  Like to get a sponsor before then.

Turns out that there is a difference between being bulletproof and being able to dodge bullets.  Occassionally a bullet will find you.  You better be able roll with it.  While the day is not over yet I’m thinking I probably won’t double up again today. 

I did however stop playing when I started losing.  That is really key.  Play while you are winning, stop when you are losing. 

I couldn’t even win with pocket Aces today.  Raise and the guy just keeps calling.  There river card looked like a straight had hit so I checked after he checked to me.   There it was he hit his straight on the last card. 

I went in with the best hand and stopped betting when I was beat.  Not much else I can do.

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