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bad beats on freerolls

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

OK so I pretty much play freerolls. That’s all my bankroll will allow and ya gotta play your bankroll. I get really tired of people of complaining when they lose on a bad beat. It’s rude and it doesn’t really show any class. I’m working on being a better loser really I am but golly it is annoying.

that said. First hand of a freeroll and I’m dealt kowboys. I raise it to pot from first position and middle posit goes allin then the button does the same. I call figuring they both got aces which would better my chances since half the aces in the deck are out. Turns out they do Middle position has A3 and flops a wheel straight. man how annoying is that.

The thing is it’s a freeroll and the first guy was likely to have gone in with garbage to win the first hand. the second guy could have called with anything from pockets pair x to any Ace. Prolly not garbage tho connectors are possible early in a freeroll. Anyway KK seemed like a really good hand.

OK maybe I should have folded the K’s. Is that really what you would have done Jen Harmon.

nothing new much

Friday, September 14th, 2007

our house is finally getting finished. We lost the roof during the Patriots day storm and we have been middle class refugees ever since. they finished the elecity last week and will finish hanging sheet rock next week.