Schuyler Meyers is a web designer, poker player, actor, artist, martial artist, and a christian.  In Portland, Maine.  He describes his life as skartdo or the way of Sky’s art, a mix of ideas that takes him on a curving path through life.

Right now I am working on getting a sponsor for my run at the World Series of Poker. That said it seems the halfbeard concept is on hold. Still available but I’ve done it and for the right price will do it again.

It occurs to me that I should tell the story of half beard. During April of 2007, a NorEaster ripped through New England. Southern Maine got hit pretty hard with hurricane force winds. The roof blew off of our house. And for the next sixth months or so we were living on the floors of livingrooms. It is during these times of stress that one’s mind might stretch a bit. So halfbeard came to mind. And I went searching for marketing depts with broad minds and deep pockets. I am still searching.

Donations of $100 or more are accepted.  For that I will put a small, 10×30, graphic on my donations page with a link to whatever site you want.

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