bad beats on freerolls

OK so I pretty much play freerolls. That’s all my bankroll will allow and ya gotta play your bankroll. I get really tired of people of complaining when they lose on a bad beat. It’s rude and it doesn’t really show any class. I’m working on being a better loser really I am but golly it is annoying.

that said. First hand of a freeroll and I’m dealt kowboys. I raise it to pot from first position and middle posit goes allin then the button does the same. I call figuring they both got aces which would better my chances since half the aces in the deck are out. Turns out they do Middle position has A3 and flops a wheel straight. man how annoying is that.

The thing is it’s a freeroll and the first guy was likely to have gone in with garbage to win the first hand. the second guy could have called with anything from pockets pair x to any Ace. Prolly not garbage tho connectors are possible early in a freeroll. Anyway KK seemed like a really good hand.

OK maybe I should have folded the K’s. Is that really what you would have done Jen Harmon.

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