shallow games

I prefer deep stack tourneys but many places don’t do that.  So I’ve been playing shallower tourneys recently, starting with 50 or fewer blinds, some as few as 20 blinds.  Boy don’t those go quick. 

One of the things I noticed is that a lot of people aren’t paying attention to what’s on the board.  Just because somebody has medium pair, doesn’t mean they are in like Flinn. 

In one hand, I raised before the flop, the flop came out with an A and I raised again. I raised on the turn and on the river.  My opponent guessed right that I was bluffing but I hit my flush on the river.  He should have at least considered the idea that I might have held the A and his middle pair was no good.  By the river we were both pretty much committed so he didn’t have much choice but to call me.

 HalfBeard on Ebay has had 105 hits but no takers.  I’m guessing that many of those are bots cause I’m starting to get alot of mail from eastern europe

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